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Coaching Skills Development

Coaching Skills Development


This seven-week Professional Level course provides in in-depth discussion on each of the coaching competencies along with coaching demonstrations, group interaction, and dialogue that strengthens comprehension, application, and synthesis.

You expand your knowledge, understanding, and application of master level coaching skills.

May 1–June 26, 2019

Wednesdays, 11:00am–12:30pm CT

Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC

Registration closes Friday, April 26

Tuition: $425.00

10 ACSTH [Approved Coach Specific Training Hours]

Call the CCE office for Registration Information. 612.246.4787

Mind-Set Is Causative

Mind-Set Is Causative

Without understanding mindset, the influences that create mindsets, and how to apply coaching skills to mindsets, we miss important opportunities to zero in on what may be barriers to personal and professional development.

This seven-week course will give you the skills to facilitate a conversation that creates an environment for the client to observe and recognize the need for a mindset change. 

May 7–July 2

Tuesdays, 6:00pm–7:15pm CT

Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC

Registration closes on Thursday, May 2

Tuition: $400.00

8.5 ACSTH [Approved Coach Specific Training Hours]

Call the CCE office for Registration Information. 612.246.4787

Sharpening Your Coaching Skills with Neuroscience

Sharpening Your Coaching Skills with Neuroscience

This six-week coaching practicum course will help you to refine your coaching skills by applying neuroscience concepts. Did you know that every conversation generates a chemical component because of the interaction that occurs. Did you know that conversations have the power to change the brain?

Justin Kennedy, professor of neuroscience at South Africa’s University of Pretoria, says,

“When a person thinks new thoughts, the geography of the brain is actually changing—the electric patterns that create and carry thoughts, and the chemicals that control moods and energy levels change.” 1

 Ann Betz, speaker, consultant, and trainer on the intersection of neuroscience, extends Kennedy’s thought by adding that every time we do something or think about something, a neural pathway is either being potentiated or reinforced. Sustainable change happens when a person thinks new thoughts and then practices these new neural networks until they become more dominant than the older ones he or she wishes to leave behind. 2

When we understanding how coaching works alongside the neuroscience process that occurs in the brain—our coaching can take on a powerful and strong transformational influence.



If you have completed a basic coaching coaching course or completed CCE’s Essential Training course, this interactive Elective will be an effective course in advancing your coaching skills.


Fall Elective

Registration will be open in June

9 ACSTH [Approved Coach Specific Training Hours]

There is nothing like hands on learning. Our trainer's knowledge and wisdom was priceless and guided me toward a successful coaching business.

Troy Hines
Health and Wellness Coach