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Customized Coach Training

The Center for Coaching Excellence offers several coaching-focused training options to meet the unique needs of your organization. 

Our training is ideal for corporate executives, team leaders, management professionals, or anyone who wants to enhance their leadership influence and communication through effective coaching skills. CCE has developed customized communication training used in companies such as ExxonMobil, Luse Companies, MJ Senior Housing, Fairview Hospitals, and Hennepin County (serving Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs).

Training Topics 

  • The Convergence of Coaching and Neuroscience 

  • Developing a Personal Coaching Presence 

  • The Nature and Structure of a Conversation 

  • Designing Conversation Questions 

  • The Questions to Always Avoid 

  • The Three Styles of Listening 

  • The Practicality of Intuitive Listening 

  • Insight into Mind-Set and Coaching 

  • Creating the Crucial Emotional Connection In a Conversation 

  • Defining Leadership as a Personal Brand 

  • The Impact of Metaphorical Language 

  • What is the Importance of Action Steps and Developmental Plans? 

  • Refining Coaching with Advanced Coaching Skills 

  • Conversational Leadership 

  • Ethics and Risk Management in Coaching 

  • Understanding the Developmental Growth Process 

  • Comparison of Professions 

  • The Coaching Agreement 

  • The ROI of Coaching 

  • Customized topics of your choice

For more information call the CCE office at 612.246.4787 or request a free consultation.


Customization Options

Option 1

CCE Core Training that is ready to launch 

Do you love our existing programs and don’t want to change a thing? We hear that a lot. Maybe that’s because CCE has spent more than a decade developing coaching curriculum and training methodologies that really work. Our core training courses are “ready to launch” in the location of your choice—whether onsite at your own facility, or at an offsite meeting space. CCE core training is also great for those who are pursuing ICF certification as Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), or Master Certified Coach (MCC). 

Option 2

Moderately Customized Training

Do you want most of our core content, but prefer to supplement it with elements that are specific to your brand or industry? CCE can make it happen. Our team will work with you to develop, edit, and integrate new content and images to enhance your program’s success. CCE can also ensure that the training materials reflect your company’s key messages, values and branding.

Option 3

Fully Customized Training

Looking to build a training program from the ground up? We’ve got our hard hats ready—because we’ve done this before! CCE has worked with several organizations to develop original content, infographics, discussion questions, coaching practice scenarios, interactive exercises, and other resources that speak to diverse employee groups. Our fully customized training projects have positively impacted offshore oil rig engineers, veterinarians, senior housing sales executives, attorneys, and leaders in many more industries.  


Format Options 

  • One-Day Workshops 

  • Half-Day Workshops 

  • 8–16 week Coach Training Courses (choose in-person sessions, online sessions and/or mentor coaching) 

  • 90-Minute Lunch and Learn Sessions

A Path to ICF Certification 

In addition to customized coach training, CCE offers various paths to certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF), for those who are interested in pursuing professional coaching credentials. 

While many companies offer a path to certification, CCE provides much more than simple “certification prep” courses. Our value-packed, ICF-approved training provides extras that include: 

Required ICF Mentor Coaching 

  • CCE provides mentor coaching to all of our participants as part of the package, with no additional fees. 

  • All CCE mentor coaches are ICF-certified and have extensive professional coaching experience. 

  • We match each participant with a mentor coach that fits their unique training needs and professional goals. For example, we have mentors who specialize in Executive, Career, and Leadership coaching. 

Guidance through Certification 

  • Following completion of the training, CCE guides participants through the process of certification.